ESC Brooke County Power will create jobs, source fuel regionally, and use state-of-the-art generation technology for maximum efficiency and minimum emissions.


The site will support 1,164 direct, indirect and induced jobs. Thousands of job years will be created during the construction phase. Affordable power with abundant natural gas will drive development and job growth in the region.


This site will host a 830 Megawatt (MW), clean-burning natural gas power plant and feature the most efficient combined cycle electric generation technology available. When operating, the plant will be capable of powering the equivalent of 700,000 homes.


The plant will provide reliable electricity needed to keep West Virginia competitive going into the future. The plant will have an annual economic impact of $440.5 Million in output while supporting local business and local natural gas exploration and production.

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ESC Brooke County Power will construct a natural gas fueled electric generation station. The plant design will consist of two combustion turbine generators (CTGs), connected to two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs). The HRSGs harness exhaust heat from the CTGs to generate high-quality, superheated steam. The steam will drive a steam turbine (ST) and steam turbine generator to provide additional electricity in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

ESC Brooke County Power will be able to access abundant regional natural gas by interconnecting to existing local natural gas pipeline infrastructure. The project will generate enough electricity to power approximately 700,000 homes. The power generated will be sold in the thirteen-state PJM Interconnection System (the grid) via existing transmission lines, which are in close proximity to the site location.

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  • The facility will consume $177.5 Million annually of natural gas, supporting hundreds of jobs in the region associated with the natural gas industry (exploration, development, processing and transport).
  • Facility construction period will involve almost 3,795 job years of work (1 job year = one person working full-time for one full year).
  • Additionally, during the construction period, the project will yield many indirect economic benefits to the local community including over $1.25 Billion in impact.
  • During plant operation, the facility will engage up to 30 full-time and part-time employees. In addition to the jobs onsite, the project can create 1,164 direct, indirect and induced jobs due to requirements for maintenance, supplies, fuel and other needed local services.
  • The annual economic impact of the facility will total $440.5 Million each year.
  • The facility will provide $1 Million to Brooke County on the commencement of construction with yearly contributions during operation of $433,000 to the Brooke County Commission and $167, 000 the Brooke County Board of Education.

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This site will host a clean-burning 830 Megawatt natural gas power plant and feature the most efficient combined-cycle electric generation technologies available. The project will support hundreds of skilled construction jobs and 1,164 direct, indirect and induced jobs (including up to 30 permanent full-time and part-time positions during the plant's long operating life). The project will utilize regionally abundant natural gas. Additionally, this plant will provide the reliable electricity needed to keep West Virginia businesses competitive.

The project site is located in Brooke County, West Virginia on a reclaimed strip mine. The project can stimulate additional economic development by attracting industrial development to the area.

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The implementation of state-of-the-art turbine generation equipment, advanced emission control technology and clean burning natural gas (providing the lowest emission rates of all fossil fuels) will allow the plant to meet or exceed all local, state and federal environmental operating standards. In addition, the plant will have an air-cooled condenser, which dramatically reduces water usage to less than 3 percent of many similarly sized facilities.

The plant will be located within 800 feet of the existing transmission lines, eliminating the need for new power line easements and associated clearing.

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